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How it can help you?

While we don’t often make recommendations however, in this case we’re more than making a recommendation, we’ve partnered with Sea Flux!

Why does Shorlink partner with Sea Flux?

Simply because we think it’s the best software we’ve seen that’s both affordable and delivers everything commercial and recreational vessel owners and operators need in one package.

Sea Flux provides a comprehensive maintenance section that allows you to track all your maintenance, spare parts and much more. The Job List allows easy tracking to ensure everything is completed and recorded.

From the Safety Management System side, it’s the only platform that allows the uploading of our Safety Management Systems EXACTLY as we write them. This is critical for us to be able to support and defend them in the event of an incident.

That in itself is a major part of why we have partnered with Sea Flux.

Sea Flux Benefits

Here’s just a few of the benefits we see with Sea Flux:

  • Manage any vessel or fleet effortlessly by digitalising your SMS; and
  • Being able to upload the SMS we develop exactly as we write them which means we can defend them the same as we do for all the manuals we develop
  • Improving visibility, traceability and accountability
  • Streamlining multiple systems into one comprehensive package
  • For fleet owners simplifying compliance across the entire fleet
  • Safety equipment checks provide alerts when due
  • Recording crew drills and training
  • It accessible both online and offline which means you can access it anytime, anywhere
  • It’s ideal for single vessel operators through to major fleet owners.

What Shorlink provides!

Shorlink develops Safety Management Systems in the same way we always have and that we guarantee to meet all regulatory requirements. But now we can also:

  • Upload the SMS we develop into the Sea Flux platform exactly how we issue them – which means we can guarantee and legally defend them
  • Provide a free SMS assessment service. Send us your SMS and we’ll assess it to see if it complies with regulatory requirements and provide you a report on our findings
  • And for exisiting and new Sea Flux Clients, we can develop, upload and/or assess your SMS

How to get onboard with Sea Flux

It’s simple you can either:

Shorlink’s Recommendation

If you’re looking for… or even thinking about cloud-based vessel management software, take it from us, Sea Flux is the way to go!

We wouldn’t hesitate to get onboard with Sea Flux as it meets all vessel management requirements, and it does it efficiently and affordably.


Work smarter not harder! Shorlink has always been about safety and education in the marine industry. We are also keeping up-to-date with market trends, failures and successes. With this in mind, we want our clients to save time and money.

Therefore, we are recommending Seaflux for your onboard digital requirements to save yourself time and oversee onboard efficiencies etc.

If you need to know more, feel free to contact our office or go to their website where you can request a demo that allows you to see what Sea Flux can do for you!

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