Crew Induction and Training

Ensure all crew are inducted and know what is expected of them in safety and emergencies.
shorlink on board vessel safety training
Shorlink's Induction and Training Management Sessions are essential for all crew members that are new or unfamiliar with your vessel's operation. Our training courses and demonstrations will ensure all crew are inducted and informed of their safety requirements and procedures before starting work. Our training programs are flexible to fit your operations and environment and cover the following safety measures. Shorlink conduct induction and training sessions onboard your vessel to ensure all crew have the knowledge required for that specific vessel.

Effective Emergency Plans

Regular training drills are vital to making sure everyone knows the location and use of critical safety equipment and their role in the vessel's emergency plan. The more prepared you are, the quicker you can respond to any emergency situation. Shorlink's effective emergency plans can make a huge difference in your vessel's and personnel's safety. We review your plan regularly and make necessary changes or adjustments to ensure your vessel remains a safe and secure environment.

Distress Flares and Fire Safety

The survival of your crew is directly related to their knowledge of onboard fire safety equipment and handling distress flares. Our flares and fire extinguisher training is a hands-on course where participants will be setting off flares and putting out ‘actual’ fires in our special fire training unit.

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