Marine Order 504

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What you need to know…. NOW!

The new version of Marine Order 504 came into effect on August 1, 2023, and has some changes to the old version. It also links in with Marine Order 505 which we covered in a separate article. So, here’s what you need to know about the new MO504.

  • A risk assessment or risk register must identify when a lifejacket must be worn by any person onboard
  • The minimum crewing table only applies if provision is made for the Master and each crew member on the vessel to have at least 10 hours rest in each 24 hour period
  • Stricter rules for crew induction and initial training in operational and emergency procedures
  • Stricter rules for ongoing training in emergency procedures
  • Stricter passenger number monitoring and accountability
  • Stricter record keeping requirements

From our side this means:

  • ensuring the requirements for wearing a lifejacket are addressed in all SMS’s we develop and updating our client’s that require it; and
  • ensuring the Appropriate Crewing Calculator cover fatigue.

From your side you must:

  • ensure all crew are inducted and receive initial training in operational and emergency procedures before undertaking any operational duties onboard;
  • ensuring ongoing training (drills) for emergency situations are undertaken in an appropriate timeframe by all crew members;
  • ensuring induction and initial training and ongoing training are recorded appropriately;
  • for vessels that carry passengers ensuring passenger numbers are recorded and available to the Master at all times;
  • ensuring records are up to date and maintained appropriately.

The above is an overview of the revised MO504 and outlines your requirements to ensure you meet the revised MO504.

To download Marine Order 504 click on this link: Marine Order 504 (Certificates of operation and operation requirements — national law) 2018 (

Shorlink’s Recommendation

Our number one recommendation is for our clients is to contact our office if in doubt about your SMS and if it meets the new requirements.
For other owners &/or operators contact our office if you’re unsure if your SMS meets the new requirements or for a free, no obligation assessment of your existing SMS.


Don’t wait until you are boarded or receive an inspection notice, contact our office to ensure you comply. We also offer an onboard consultations during AMSA inspections to help you through the process. Our highly skilled consultants can smooth out most issues during the inspection.

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