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Maritime Consultancy. Is it worthwhile?

Do you have a maritime consultant available at a moment’s notice? If not you may be in a world of hurt in the event of a marine incident, especially if it involves serious injury or loss of life! Having a consultant that has extensive hands-on experience at the coal face in all DCV sectors and […]

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Compliance…. and it’s importance!

Compliance is a topic that most operators and Master’s don’t want to deal with in many cases but… …it can be a major issue in the event of an incident or even an inspection by AMSA! Remaining compliant is vital to your operations and more so for your business! All too often when undertaking safety […]

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Annual Reviews – do I need one really?

We will keep this short….. YES   YES   YES!   This year, 2023, has seen many changes in our industry already, and we are only in February! With the recent changes to Marine Order 504 and the release of Marine Order 505 last month, an Annual Review of your SMS is not only necessary but critical! […]

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Dealing with sea snake bites! Do you know how?

At least 32 species of sea snake have been recorded in Australian water and can be found in northern waters as well as in southern waters of Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. ALL sea snakes are venomous, and rhabdomyolysis is a major feature of sea snake envenomation, resulting in muscle pain, tenderness and sometimes spasm.  Myoglobinuria […]

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Master’s Responsibilities!

When undertaking recent audits on vessels it became clear that many Masters’ either forgot or didn’t know the full extent of their responsibilities. While most, and I say most Master’s know how to operate the vessel many have not kept up to date with current requirements such as keeping log books, running drills, recording inductions […]

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More on Marine Order 505…

More on what you need to know in relation to Marine Order 505 which was released this January 2023 and how they may impact your operations. We’ve had ongoing detailed discussions with AMSA over what I’m about to detail for you. If you operate a DCV with deckhands then they need to have a General […]

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$$$ SMS Stark Reminder $$$

Don’t let this happen to you! This newsletter is to remind you that just having a safety management system in place may not be the protection you thought it provided. An incident in 2020 which left an employee with hip and foot fractures resulted in a not-for-profit organisation being fined $30,000. The organisation was found […]