Reporting of Incidents to AMSA

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Why it is so important?

Why? The value of reporting and incidents specifically to AMSA when required allows for important information to the governming body of our marine industry to ensure the development of more effective safety guidelines and advice for owners, operators and crew to avoid similar events in the future.

Reporting incidents to AMSA helps them:

  1. Have an informed picture of the risks affecting the marine industry and allows AMSA to respond to poorly detected risks.
  2. Build an accurate and reliable database to guide future education and compliance activities.
  3. Provide insight to ensure safety policies and campaigns can be developed affectively to assist the marine industry.
  4. Provide AMSA and the marine industry that safety culture should and could improve.

An event that could have resulted in a consequential outcome (such as injury, death, collision etc.), also known as a near miss, is reportable under existing legislation.

Often owner/operators will advise that they have managed to control the situation without any issues and therefore did not report. However it is still likely that under other circumstances the situation could have resulted in a regrettable outcome.

Additionally by reporting, this ensures information from these events are captured so AMSA are aware of what to look out for in similar incidents in the future.

Shorlink’s Recommendation

Ensuring all owners, crew and even office staff are aware of the legislation regarding reporting incidents to AMSA.

Shorlink produced SMS’s give very clear direction on what is required under Section 7 in ‘Reporting of incidents – AMSA’ sectopm.  Haven’t looked at it lately, make sure you, skippers and all crew have read and understand the requirements and the procedures.


Whilst we recommend following all policies and procedures at all times, it can be confusing with an incident, especially what you may consider minor. 

If you have an incident, however big or small – contact our office to discuss further.   

If in doubt, report it!

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