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What if the person overboard was your child?

Would you know what to do if you had a person overboard situation on your vessel, and that person was your child?

The ability to act quickly and effectively in this dangerous situation can be the difference between a quick recovery or a potential loss of life. If you find yourself with a child overboard, here’s a guide as to what to do:

  1. Raise the alarm by SHOUTING person overboard
  2. Maintain visual contact with the child overboard. Point to them and don’t take your eyes off them!
  3. If the child overboard is still in close proximity to the vessel, throw them a flotation device. This could be a life ring, lifejacket or anything to help keep them afloat
  4. Turn the vessel around and manoeuvre to retrieve the child from the water, taking care to not come too close and drift over them. ALWAYS be wary of the boats propellor when people are in the water
  5. Retrieve the child from the water. Remember to be careful of any injuries that might have been sustained
  6. Assess further for injury and administer first aid/seek medical help as required

Finding yourself in this situation is any parents worst nightmare. Some things you could also consider to alleviate the seriousness of the situation are teaching children how to swim, enforcing lifejackets be worn on board and knowing First Aid.

Shorlink’s Recommendation

We recommend that you are familiar with the location and use of safety equipment on your vessel and as a skipper it is your responsibility to ensure all your passengers are too.

Keep all lifesaving equipment in good working order, close to hand and easily accessible

If you feel unsure about what actions to take in this, or any other emergency situation and would like some help maintaining the safety of your boat and passengers, Shorlink run a Safety for All course that can be delivered on your vessel anywhere Australia wide.

Our sessions are personally tailored to your boat and your family, covering scenarios such as person overboard, fire on board and many others.

Don’t delay, your family are too important to wait!


Maintaining situational awareness of your vessel and those onboard can save precious time in any emergency situation. Always keep an eye out for those around you.

Know and be prepared to administer first aid – it can save a life! Completing a first aid course is a great place to start to learn basic first responder techniques.

If you require further information, please don’t hesitate contact us!

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