Operating Your Vessel. Can you do it SAFELY?

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You have a great boat and a Recreational Marine Licence so you’re all set to go out on the water and enjoy yourself with family and friends but…

…how competent are you in driving your boat, berthing it and dealing with onboard emergencies if they suddenly happen.

Please be honest when you answer this and not just think you have all the knowledge and skills required!

Vessel Operation: Captains Course

Knowing how to drive your vessel in differing conditions safely and then being able to berth it taking into account tide and wind influences is vital.

Shorlink’s Captains Course is a huge benefit to new boat owners who have little or no experience in driving boats. It’s also highly beneficial to existing boat owners who want to improve their boat handling skills!

Our Captains Course is not a one fit for all, it’s tailored around your existing knowledge and skills to ensure you get the best out of it and…it’s undertaken onboard your boat! The course incudes but is not limited to:

  • Line handling
  • Effects of tide and wind
  • Pre-departure requirements
  • Leaving your berth
  • Basic boat operation
  • General navigation
  • Berthing
  • Securing lines
  • And much more

This course is a must for new boat owners and those who want to expand their boat handling capabilities.

Boating Safety: Safety for All course

While no one wants to have to deal with an emergency, there are times you have no choice and it’s those times when having the knowledge and skills are vital.

Consider your 12 year old child or grandchild fell overboard with 15 knots of South Easterly, 1.5 meter seas with a 1 meter chop on top! Do you know how to rescue them…efficiently and safely?

What would you do if a fire broke out on your boat, do you know where the fire extinguishers are, what types of fire they are used for and how to use them properly?

The above is just two scenarios to consider. Knowing what to do in an emergency situation is critical not only for your safety but the safety of your family and friends!

Our Safety for All course covers the “what to do” and “how to do it” for emergency situations that may occur at any time onboard. The Safety for All course includes but is not limited to:

  • An inspection of your safety appliances
  • An inspection of you firefighting appliances and equipment
  • How to properly use your safety appliances
  • How to identify your fire extinguishers and what they are used for
  • How to properly use your firefighting appliances and equipment
  • Overview of potential onboard emergencies
  • Hands on training in dealing with a person overboard, fire in the engine room, fire in other areas and other emergency situations.

You also receive a:

  • report and recommendations for you and your family plus your safety and firefighting appliances and equipment
  • Shorlink’s Safety Manual
  • laminated chart of fire extinguishers

This course is vital for all boat owners, new and existing to ensure they have the knowledge and skills required to deal with an emergency onboard and is delivered onboard your boat!

Remember the saying….

“it’s not if an emergency happens it’s when!”

Shorlink’s Recommendation

We highly recommend both of these course to help you in your boat handling ability and safety conscious not only for yourself but also your family, friends and other boaters!

Why not put both courses together and take advantage of our great deal saving you money whilst expanding your knowledge and skills!

Note that course costs include delivery onboard your vessel at most ports in Australia.


A great tip is to further expand your knowledge by taking our Distress Flare course (available Australia wide) and our Portable Fire Extinguisher course (available in Southeast Queensland only).

Both courses are hands-on where you actually get to let off a distress flare and/or a fire extinguisher giving you firsthand knowledge in the use of both.

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