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Do I need or want it?

Managed services is the practice of outsourcing the responsibility for maintaining, and anticipating need for, a range of processes and functions, for the purpose of improved operations and reduced budgetary expenditures through the reduction of directly-employed staff. – Wikipedia

2024 has been a big year already to date! With many incidents both on the water and on land that have seriously affected our clients, their business and staff/crew.  Combined with AMSA changes and the increase of inspections, compliancy has never been more important. 

Here at Shorlink, we have seen a significant increase in clients moving to our Managed Services model, therefore, this week, we wanted to showcase this along with the benefits, cost savings and most importantly safety features!

Let’s explain the model – Shorlink Managed Services (MS)

Safety Management System

Firstly, let’s start with the heart of your marine business – the Safety Management System (SMS). A well-developed safety management system not only meets Schedule 1 (and 2) of Marine Order 504 and the National Standard for Commercial Vessels but provides significant legal protection in the event of an incident or accident when adhered to and is a valuable training tool when used correctly!  This requires constant monitoring to ensure that it is up-to-date to ensure compliance and protection. 

If you have any already have an SMS developed by Shorlink, we adjust costings, to include just the monitoring and amendments and necessary. 

If you do not have a SMS by Shorlink, we would include the development to ensure that it 100% meets AMSA and NCV requirements and we can monitor as per above.

If there has been a change by AMSA, as part of our ongoing MS, we will make the necessary changes to your SMS without charge as included in your package.


Following on from the SMS, Shorlink complete a detailed review of ALL existing documentation including but not limited to:

  • Forms
  • Policies
  • Operating Procedures
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Training and Maintenance Records
  • Any other relevant documentation

You may believe that your policies and procedures are current, and ‘fine’ for your operations, but are they?

Monitoring and Assessing

With the ongoing changes that are arising within AMSA, but also your business.  New crew? They need induction and training and for it to be recorded correctly.  Are Log Books being completed correctly? As part of the MS with Shorlink, we will monitor and assess these and other documentation to ensure both you, your business, crew and staff are safe and legally protected.

Maritime Consultancy

Your crew call you as they have had an incident on the water.  What do you do?

You can include maritime consultancy (by the hour) in your MS Agreement, which provides you direct access to Wayne for any or all consultancy requirements.  It does not necessarily have to be an incident.  If you have a staff member that has lodged a complaint, or AMSA completed an inspection and have questions – having Shorlink’s maritime consultancy in your business armour is reassurance that you have the support when needed.


We all know the importance – for safety and education for all.  Did you know that you are required to complete training on a regular basis AND complete the necessary documentation correctly to maintain compliance?

Here at Shorlink, we can take care of all the training requirements that are necessary and ensure the documentation is completed on-time and correctly.

The Process

It is a 4 Phase very easy process:

  1. Initial Consultation
    Here, we will conduct onboard Hazard Identification (if required) of all vessels and identify existing and/or potential hazards and operations.  Followed with detailed discussions with both management and crew to identify all of the operational and emergency procedures.

  2. Safety management System
    Either development or reviewing the Safety Management System manual for all vessel/s to ensure they meet the requirement of Schedule 1 (and 2 for Hire & Drive) Marine Order 504 and NSCV and other regulatory requirements relative to your operations.

    This includes:
    – identifying all operational and emergency risks related to the hazards identified onboard each vessel;
    – developing a Risk Register for each vessel that exceeds AMSA requirements;
    – drafting, developing and finalising operational and emergency procedures relevant to each vessel;
    – delivery of finalised SMS including – a hard copy, an electronic copy, Risk Register, all forms, policies, procedures.

  3. Emergency Response Training
    By far, our most appreciated element of Managed Services is our training.  There are two courses that we recommend:

    Onboard Emergency Training
    We conduct training sessions based on your requirements and operations. These will be delivered to the crew onboard the nominated vessel on a date convenient to your business. 

    Distress Flare Training
    One Session per vessel per annum is our recommendation and shall be delivered to the crew at a safe facility nearby which includes setting off an actual flare for experience and knowledge in an emergency situation.

    Fire Extinguisher Training
    As with distress flares one session per vessel per annum is our recommendation and shall be delivered to the crew at a safe facility nearby which includes activating a fire extinguisher for experience and knowledge in an emergency situation.

  4. Maritime Consultancy
    You nominate how many hours you would like per annum.  We recommend a minimum of two hours, depending on number of vessels and size of business, crew etc.

The Cost and Term

We do not offer a one-size-fits-all approach.  Cost is dependent upon number of vessels, size of your business, requirements and budget.  As our priority is and will always remain the safety and education of the marine industry, we are proud to ensure you have a Managed Services Agreement which meets all you need to ensure you’e compliant and safe. 

There will not be any ‘extra’s’ that you don’t need or want!

Payment Options – we offer to methods.  You can either pay a full year upfront with a 5% discount, or we offer a monthly fee.

Our terms are also flexible, you can take one year up to five-year agreement to lock in best pricing and avoid any price increases.

Managed Services Summary

A Managed Services Agreement with Shorlink provides the complete reassurance of compliance, maintenance, support and training, but also staying abreast of the latest changes in the industry including best practices. 

From a cost perspective, one of the clear benefits of managed services is that is lowers labour costs and eliminates the cost of hiring and training staff.

Here at Shorlink, we are continuously monitoring, assessing and adapting to ensure that your business remains compliant in the face of potential challenges in the future.

Having Shorlink’s Managed Services is the cheapest insurance you can get……

A quote from a number of our valued clients!

Shorlink’s Recommendation

There is absolutely no cost or obligation to yourself to seek a quotation for Managed Services with Shorlink.  What do you have to lose?

Contact our office or drop us a line and we will be in touch to arrange a quotation for your perusal.

As always, if you have any questions or issues, please never hesitate to contact our office.

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