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They have never been more important!

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With AMSA updating Marine Order 504 this year, there has been a significant increase in inspections onboard all types of vessels.

We are having several calls a day with both clients and non-clients panicking if their SMS is up-to-date – but as importantly:

the correct Log Book, it is completed correctly

AND meets AMSA Marine Order 504 requirements.

To date, we have seen some very interesting Log Books that definitely DO NOT meet the requirements, therefore you are not only non-compliant with AMSA but also not covered legally in the event of an incident.

There are three main Log Books that all commercial vessels MUST have on board:

  1. Vessel/Deck Log Book
    All commercial vessels are required to have a vessel or deck log book in which they are required to record specific information (see our newsletter dated 15/03/2022 for details).
  2. Maintenance Log
    All maintenance must be recorded either in a dedicated form in your SMS, a Maintenance Log Book or in an electronic maintenance program.
  3. Medical Log Book
    All commercial vessels are required to record the use of all medicines, first aid and medical incidents in a Medical Log Book. Shorlink’s Medical Log Book is the easy way to do this as it meets all the requirements of the NSCV C7A H8.

All of our Log Books can be ordered by clicking on the name above, via our Website with free postage.

Shorlink’s Recommendation

If you are unsure what Log Books you need, or if they are being completed correctly – then please contact our office as soon as possible.

Regardless if you are a direct client of Shorlink or not, safety, compliance and education is our Number 1 Priority, and we want all Mariners to adhere to all three for an industry we can all enjoy and prosper.

Click Here to see our full range of Log Books we offer here at Shorlink!


Take a few minutes to go onboard your vessel and really look at what Log Books you have onboard and that they are completed correctly.  If not, you need to act now!

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