Life Jackets! Which one do I need?

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Gone are the days of feeling like you have a bulky piece of foam strapped to you with hard ropes.

These days, lifejackets come in many styles and sizes for different purposes and environmental conditions. Many remain compact and out of the way until you hit the water, with some inflating automatically.   

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When accidents happen, there’s rarely time to put a lifejacket on. Add into the mix swell, shock, fatigue and treading water until rescue arrives—and the benefits of wearing a lifejacket become clear.  With the range of lifejackets on the market you can be comfortable and safe on the water. We encourage you to think about the lifejacket you need for your operations, then find a style that suits you.

For commercial vessels, the national law requires you to be equipped with Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) or coastal lifejackets, depending on your operational area.

Lifejacket requirements:


If you have any queries about lifejackets, their use or storage don’t hesitate to contact our office as we’re here to help.

Shorlink’s Recommendation

 Our best recommendation is “don’t skimp” on lifejackets. While we all hope you never have to use them but…if you do you need to know you’ve got the best chance of survival.

Be sure the lifejackets you buy meet one of the required standards otherwise they will not be compliant!

For inflatable lifejackets ensure they are serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure they will work when required.


Like all safety gear maintenance and upkeep are critical. Our best tip is to regularly take out your lifejackets and ensure they are dry and not damaged in any way. If damaged replace them.

Secondly check the light (if fitted) to ensure it is in date and working correctly. Note that some lights may need moisture to activate them.

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