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Let Shorlink assist…..

Given the success and knowledge of Shorlink in the marine industry, we were approached some time ago, about expanding to include vessel clean, maintenance and management. So that is what we did!

We understand returning from sea, your crew usually do a clean of your vessel.  This is usually what we call a ‘surface clean’ which is fine for general day to day operations but doesn’t keep your vessel and overall business looking professional, especially over time.

Our latest division, Prestige Yacht Management Services offer a singular, monthly, quarterly, annual or end season (deep clean) to get your vessel in peak condition ready for the next voyage!

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Here is just a sample of our services:

Interior Clean

  • Carpets cleaned and deodorised
  • All fabric seating cleaned and sanitised
  • All hard floors washed and sanitised
  • All hard seating cleaned and sanitised
  • All tables and eating areas cleaned and sanitised
  • Full galley clean and sanitised
  • Full bar clean and sanitised
  • All heads/toilets cleaned and sanitised
  • All windows and mirrors cleaned
  • All other surfaces cleaned and sanitised

Exterior Clean

  • Superstructure wash and chamois dry
  • Windows cleaned
  • Clears (where fitted) cleaned and treated
  • Clears polished (if required)
  • All decks cleaned and dried
  • Stainless handrails, etc. cleaned and polished
  • Hull washed and chamois dried

Remember, working in the tourist industry you regularly have large number of people onboard and how you present your vessel leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

For example, if you have fabric seats you may think they are clean but when we clean them you may be surprised at just how bad they actually were. Fabric seats actually provide the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and carpets are now better.

Shorlink’s Recommendation

No matter if your vessel is fibreglass, aluminium, steel or timber the surfaces all suffer from the effect of people traffic, salt water and UV radiation.

This is why we recommend professional cleaning on a regular basis or at least at end of or beginning of your season.


Whether you engage us at Shorlink, your vessel should be cleaned professionally on a regular basis as part of your commitment to your crew and passenger’s health.

It takes a lot of physical work to restore the surfaces of your vessel to its proper condition and hard work usually also means time and money. Keeping your vessel looking great both inside and out will pay dividends further down the track.

If you are thinking that your boat needs a clean, then please contact our office without any obligation and we can chat to you about level of service you require and applicable pricing.

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