Things you don’t know about Shorlink!

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While most of you out there are aware that Shorlink develops safety management systems and…one of the best in the business there’s another side to our business that many people are not aware of.

A major part of our business involves the delivery of vessel specific onboard crew training in emergency preparedness.

While there are a number of classroom courses available Shorlink is the only company that specialises in “onboard” delivery to your crew members.

We develop training based on your vessel and it’s operations to ensure your crew can deal with onboard emergencies in the event they are faced with one!

Our focus is to ensure your crew go home safe by developing both individual capabilities and operating as part of a team.

We provide a mix of theory combined with hands on practical training (drills) to ensure all crew members can operate individually and as part of a team.

Fires onboard are a major concern for all those at sea and that’s where our hands-on training actually using fire extinguishers proven beneficial on many occasions.

While most crew members know what flares are and what they are used for most don’t know how to use them or have even let one off. We make sure all crew members do hands on flare training including letting one off.

Simply knowing how to deal with a person overboard as a team provides the best possible chance of recovering the victim and saving a life. Our training involves actually undertaking drills to ensure all crew work as a team.

Shorlink’s Recommendation

While having your crew undertaking drills onboard themselves does not always mean they are getting the best training or even doing it right and…that’s where we come in!

We recommend getting us in to do training either monthly, quarterly or at the start of the season to ensure your crew can handle onboard emergencies safely and efficiently.


Feel your crew are doing thinks OK then we recommend getting us in to do an audit on the training being provided as this can greatly increase your crew’s safety level and demonstrates your focus on safety and compliance!