The end of another year. The Year in Focus!

Here we are again, our last Newsletter for 2022 and we find ourselves at the end of another year.  All I can say it’s been a hell of a year not only for the maritime sector but also industry in general.

It’s good to see that tourism is back to pre-pandemic or better booking levels. During our travels we’ve observed many happy passengers undertaking voyages of all sorts.

During the year we’ve been focused on expanding our onboard induction and training services which is an initiative we started years ago. Owners and operators are starting to realise the benefits of having an external provider undertake “vessel specific” crew inductions and emergency response training.

We have been receiving great feedback on our training services including many participants saying they get more from our onboard training then they get from other sources!

While it’s been a good year it’s not been without obstacles to overcome including, like many business’, staffing which has caused many headaches.

As the Managing Director I have been focused on expanding the company to cover not only commercial operators but also the recreational sector.

Although it’s been my focus, I have to give full credit to our wonderful administration officer, Tracey McManus who continues to take a huge load off my shoulders and has helped Shorlink grow in all facets. (Thanks Wayne :) )

Our overall business focus has been on our services, in particular our managed services which have received a great industry response. Need to know more about our managed services simply contact our office today and we’ll email out an information pack.

What does 2023 look like for Shorlink and the maritime industry in general?

For Shorlink we’re moving into an exciting time of business growth by expanding not only our management and training services but also our Occupational Health and Safety systems for maritime based businesses.

I think it’s also going to be a good year for the maritime industry in general with tourism growing. In talking with a number of our clients they are excited with the growing numbers of bookings.

It’s also good news for the commercial fishing industry with restaurants getting back to normal the demand for fresh seafood is on the rise which is great news for the industry in general.

Shorlink’s Recommendation

My recommendation is to put the past few years behind you, look forward to 2023 and get going! While things are back to the ‘new normal’ I strongly recommend taking a close look at your business or operations to see where and how you can better adapt to the ongoing and the ever-changing business climate.

While there’s been a lot of heartache for many, there is a lot of opportunities for those who are prepared to adapt so…go forward and prosper!

Many people thought COVID was behind us, but the reality is it’s here to stay for some time so it’s a good idea to have a COVID safe plan in place to ensure your business survives. Additionally, a Continuity Plan is also highly recommended. We can assist with both so please feel free to contact our office for a chat.


My top tip is to ensure your safety management systems comply with MO504 for commercial vessels and Work Health and Safety for shore based operations.

It’s critical nowadays to ensure they are up to date to protect you in the event of an incident or both AMSA and WorkSafe are going to be very active in the new year.