What happen when you are locked out, but have lost you keys?

If you managed to lock yourself out and have lost your keys, How to open a locked door on the contingent on the type of lock:

Mortice locks

If you’ve lost your keys to a mortice lock, you will require the expertise of an experienced locksmith Services to drill the lock to get access, replace it, and then give you a new set of keys. Alternatively, the Locksmith Banyo can pick the lock to get inside and then make a new key, however making keys often takes more time, that’s why people tend to opt of the more costly option.

Restricted or suited lock systems

If you somehow lost a key or windows lock key to a restricted or suited lock. a locksmith can replace the lock or can order one on your behalf.

Yale locks (cylinder rim locks)

If you have lost the keys to you cylinder rim lock, our locksmith Banyo will attempt to pick the cylinders if possible. However, if this cannot be done, they will have to drill your lock to open the door after which they must change the lock barrel. Try out our Banyo locksmith service by contact us today.