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Operators are under pressure like never before and just keeping up with business and operations is hard let alone trying to keep your SMS and  crew training requirements up to date.

We’ve developed a unique range of managed services to take the stress, worry and time involvement away from you and free up your time and focus on what you need to.

Something to remember is…just because you tick the AMSA box doesn’t mean you have the adequate legal protection when you need it most and that’s where we come in.

Our managed service options start with complete management of your SMS and related documentation and allow you to add in other services to provide a comprehensive management plan.

SMS Management

Shorlink’s SMS Management is designed to get your SMS compliant and make sure it stays that way.

The basic service includes:

  • Ensuring all crew and other staff are inducted into your SMS
  • Monitoring AMSA for changes relevant to your vessel and operations
  • Updating your SMS where required and updating the Revisions and Review Log
  • Undertaking Annual Reviews and completing the Revisions and Review Log
  • A review of induction documents
  • A review of training records
  • A review of follow-up documents
  • A review of your vessels Log Book
  • Communications with AMSA where required in relation to your SMS

This is a very cost-efficient service that takes the worry away from you about keeping your SMS up to date and compliant at all times.

Professional Maritime Consultancy

Add a set number of hours for maritime consultancy into your plan to suit your requirements. Clients are using this for specific advice and especially where marine incidents are involved. Include hours relevant to you in your plan and get 10% of the current rate or you can pay as needed and receive a 5% discount.

Safety and Wellbeing Consultant

We are providing a highly recognised service for Safety and Wellbeing that can be linked into your maritime consultancy. We act as an external Safety and Wellbeing Consultant where crew members can contact us for advice and support. This is being recognised as a major incentive by WorkSafe and AMSA for organisations of all sizes.

Emergency Response Training

Include any of our specialised emergency response training services into your plan to take even more stress away from you.

Onboard “vessel specific” training (drills)

Designed to ensure your crew have the practical knowledge and skills to handle onboard emergencies. These sessions include

  • Identification and location of all safety and firefighting equipment and appliances
  • Identification, location and operation of all fuel and air shut offs
  • Location and use of engine room fire suppression systems
  • Launching life rafts or Karley Floats
  • Dealing with onboard emergencies
  • In-water survival techniques

This is a valuable service that takes the worry about training requirements and are they being meet and a service that many of our clients are already using.

Hands on distress flare and fire extinguisher training

We provide hands on training in the use of distress flares and portable fire extinguishers where all participants activate a distress flare and portable fire extinguisher. This is all undertaken under the supervision of one of our experienced maritime trainers.

Shore-based training

Our shore-based training sessions are suited to larger organisations where we can deliver:

  • General safety requirement presentations
  • Detailed group SMS inductions
  • Other training as may be required

Managed Service Options

Our managed services are designed to allow you to develop a plan that suits your specific needs and budget. Contact us today to find out how we can save you time and money.

Shorlink’s Recommendation

Our recommendation is to take your stress, worry and time involvement away from areas that you don’t specialise in and hand them over to Shorlink which will allow you to get down to business.


Contact us to see just how easy and cost affordable our managed services are in comparison to having to deal with keeping things up to date yourself!

The BIG benefits of SMS’s

Far too many owners, operators and crew feel that the only benefit of an SMS is ticking the AMSA box!

The reality is that is only a small part of the equation. In reality there are three specific areas in every SMS, and these are…

  1. Ticking the AMSA box. This covers the legal requirements under Marine Order 504 (MO504);
  2. A valuable training tool. A well-developed SMS is a key training tool if used correctly and can assist new and existing crew in understanding potential hazards, their duties onboard and emergency preparedness. Benefit level: BIG; and
  3. Delivering a multi-layer protection which covers owners, operators, managers, Masters, crew and all other persons involved in vessel operations. Benefit level: VERY BIG

To get a better understanding of just how big the benefits can be let’s dissect each of the three specific areas individually.

Ticking the AMSA box

AMSA specifies that domestic commercial vessels must have an SMS that complies with MO504 which means if you don’t have an SMS you’re not compliant. The benefit of having an SMS is that you meet the requirements and provided it has all the required components you’re not inline to be issued an Improvement Notice or worse still a Prohibition Notice. That’s a benefit!

As a Training Tool

We ensure that when inducting crew, we go into detail about the SMS and in particular the sections that relate directly to them. While we highlight the entire SMS the key sections we emphasise are…

  • Risk Assessment. We use this to demonstrate what hazards exist onboard. This is especially important for those new to the maritime industry.
  • Daily Procedures. Here we focus on the procedures each crew member is going to be undertaking in their daily duties. It’s important to note that not all crew members will be undertaking all procedures, so we like to have each crew member focus on procedures relevant to them.
  • Emergency Preparedness. It’s vital to all persons onboard that each and every crew member knows and understands all of these procedures for the vessel they are on. While a lot of the procedures a similar for many vessels there are factors that may not be.

That’s a BIG benefit!

Multi-layer protection

This is one of the biggest advantages of a well-developed SMS. So…what is a well-developed SMS?

A well-developed SMS will be “vessel specific” and have a Risk Register that identifies vessel and operational hazards and associated risks onboard and provide clear steps in all procedures. It will also have incorporated an induction process that covers all aspects of the vessel and operations. Along with these items there will be a clear, easy to follow record of inductions and training.

Multi-layer protection provides a clear line of protection for…

  • Owners and/or operators
  • Managers
  • Masters
  • Crew

That’s a VERY BIG benefit!

 Examples or our SMS BIG benefits

  1. One owner was on the receiving end of a legal claim against him for $250,000 by a deckhand who claimed he wasn’t inducted and received no training resulting in him being injured. A well-documented induction process including the crew member signing an induction agreement plus ongoing training which was again signed by the crew members put an end to this claim in minutes!
  2. Another crew member claim but this time for $750,000 which had the same outcome due to the induction, training and recording processes.
  3. A crew member dies because there was no real induction procedure and no training provided. The outcome was the owner had to face the Coroners Court. The potential for this to happen would have been greatly minimised if the crew member was inducted and received appropriate training. If the crew member was inducted and trained properly then went out and did what he did then the owner and Master would be in a much better position when investigated.
  4. There was a claim by a passenger that they were injured as a result of not receiving a safety briefing. The crew of this vessel followed the procedures in the SMS relating to the delivery of passenger inductions/briefings and also recorded the briefing in the Log Book. The Master and crew were not deemed negligent as it could be establish that the safety briefing was delivered.
  5. Yet another claim by a crew member relating to injuries sustained during work onboard. His claim was related to loading and unloading the vessel where he suffered a back injury. Outcome was it was established he was inducted and received onboard training. During the induction process manual handling was highlighted and the procedure gone through due to the nature of the work undertaken. The crew member signed the induction agreement and subsequent training session records. Outcome, another case dismissed.

I think by now you can all see the BIG benefit of having a well-developed SMS and ensuring your record keeping is up to date at all times.

So…there is no reason to become a victim of fraudulent claims by crew members or any other person onboard.

With a number of my clients, I go so far as to ensure all contractors are inducted onto the vessel and have them sign off on it. This is just another layer of protection that has BIG benefits.

I structure and deliver inductions and ongoing training for a large number of operators including some of the largest in the country and some of the smallest as well.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to receive the BIG benefits my management of inductions and ongoing training deliver!

Shorlink’s Recommendation

To get the best BIG benefits from your SMS it must be vessel specific and include a risk register that identifies the vessel and operational hazards. To get the BIG benefits from your SMS we strongly recommend engaging a third party to ensure your SMS delivers in all 3 areas. While there are many people out there writing SMS’s, they may not deliver the big benefit. Our crew have extensive hands-on experience and always deliver the BIG benefits for all our clients!


Having a great SMS is great but inductions and ongoing training are vital components in every SMS so…how well will your inductions and ongoing training hold up in times of need? Our best tip to take the stress out of it is to contact Shorlink for assistance.

Log Books

A dedicated easy to use log book that is maintained properly forms part of the big benefit for owners and operators. Our easy-to-use log book is now in use with many of our clients and a large number of non-clients so why not get yours today.