Course:    Practical Flares & Fire Extinguisher Training

Course ID:   FPE-001

Minimum age requirement:   16 years

Course Duration: 4 hours

This course is designed to deliver the knowledge and skills required to safely use distress flares and portable fire extinguishers.

In addition, we will provide the following:

  1. Introduction
  • Introduce yourself and Shorlink(if required)
  • Outline of the session’s activities
  • Expected outcomes
  1. Introduction to distress flares (classroom activity)
  • Identifying the different types of distress flares
  • Use of distress flares
  • Potential dangers
  1. Introduction to portable fire extinguishers (classroom activity)
  • Identifying the different classes of fire extinguishers
  • Understanding the different uses for classes of fire extinguishers
  • Identification of different types of fires
  • The acronym: PASS + test
  • The need for a back-up person
  1. Participants ‘hands on’ use of distress flares
  • Distribute flare to participants – Alternative 1 Red Handheld to 1 Orange Smoke
  • Reinforce the hand/fingers position to particpants
  • Individual participant to let off distress flare starting with Orange smoke then Red Handheld
  1. Participants ‘hands on’ use of portable fire extinguishers
  • Identify and separate into groups of two (1 for use of extinguisher + 1 as back-up)
  • Individual groups use of fire extinguisher
  • Rotate each group member from user to back-up
  1. De-brief of the session’s activities
  • Outline of flares
  • Outline of fire extinguishers

On completion of the Vessel Handling course you will receive:

  • Laminated handout of Identifying Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • A Certificate of Attendance and Completion (emailed)

What’s the cost?

Cost is $99.50 including GST per person.  Minimum 10 participants per session.

Many clients also combine other courses.  We offer 5% discount when two or more courses are booked at same time.

Other courses available include Vessel Handling Course which is imperative for maneuvering, berthing and handling your vessels under all situations and experience.  Our Onboard Safety Training is imperative for learning lifesaving skills in emergency situations.

Are you a member of a Marine Club?

We have conducted courses for Marine Clubs all over Australia specific to their requirements.

We welcome your enquiry and offer Group Discounts.  Please either email or call on 07 4242 1412.

Why should I trust Shorlink with my safety?

Here’s a few good reasons…

  • Craftsman Boatbuilder & Shipwright + Trade Qualified Shipbuilder. We know boat design & construction!
  • Over 45 years as an owner, operator, and manager of commercial vessels. We know about operating vessels!
  • Maritime Safety Management specialist
  • Formerly an Internationally recognised Marine & Shipwright Surveyor
  • Fully trained in the International Safety Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and Pollution Prevention

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