Hello all,

Last week I outlined just how serious not being compliant can be with a business owner getting hit with a $600,000 fine.

So…how do you avoid ending up in the same boat (pardon the pun) and protect yourself in the event of an incident?

That’s where our managed services come in.

Yes, I know developing and maintaining a safety management system can be hard.

But I want to make it easier!

The thing I feel most strongly about in life is the maritime industry. I love being in it.

And I love being safe. I’ve seen a number of my friends and others lose their lives from being “not so safe” and one thing became painfully clear – safety is precious!

I want to take it into my own hands and make the maritime industry as safe as I can.

That’s why I’ve developed a series of Management Plans that are affordable but most importantly ensure your safety management is first class all the time.

There are 2 levels of management plans I’ve put together…

  1. SMS Management Plan
  2. SMS & Training Management Plan

My SMS Management Plan provides complete management of your Safety Management System.

This plan covers…

  • an initial assessment of your existing system to ensure it’s compliant,
  • monitoring AMSA for any changes that may impact on you and updating your SMS accordingly,
  • undertaking Annual Reviews,
  • maintaining the Follow-up Procedure in the event of an incident,
  • an allocation of professional maritime consultancy time.

Monthly payments start at $37.00 per vessel.

The SMS & Training Management Plan takes you to a whole new level of safety.

This plan provides all the benefits as the SMS Management Plan but also includes vessel specific…

  • Onboard vessel induction for all crew and all signing a Crew Induction Agreement (1 session per year)
  • Onboard emergency response training session. All crew sign off on the induction and training (1 session per year)
  • A review of vessel Log Books, maintenance records and training records

Build a better plan by adding…

  • Hands on Flare training
  • Hands on use of fire extinguishers
  • On-water training and challenge testing
  • Inflatable life raft training
  • Additional professional maritime consultancy hours

For fleet owners you can add…

  • Group general SMS induction
  • Group general safety induction

Monthly payments start at $73.00 per vessel.

Shorlink’s Recommendation
A management plan makes sense as it demonstrates you are developing a culture of compliance which is what is required today.

I recommend contacting us today to see just how we can put your management plan together!

There’s so many things to think of when you run a maritime business so my best tip is contact us today to discover how you can get your management plan activated and increase your levels of safety.

Need more information or advice then contact our office today!

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