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Due to the ever-evolving situation with COVID-19 and recent advice from Worksafe and Health Departments now ALL Health Management Plans or COVID-19 Management Plans must be submitted to the relevant health department.

Based on that we are having to make a few minor amendments to our pricing structure as outlined below.

Please note that if you ordered one of our COVID-19 Management Plans before the close of business yesterday (12/05/2020) we will honor our previous pricing and only invoice you for the amount quoted.

Revised COVID-19 Management Plan pricing…
Management Plan 1: Designed for those who are operating from their home port only
Cost: $200.00 + GST

Management Plan 2: For those who are operating in their home state but various ports
Cost: $240.00 + GST

Management Plan 3: For operators who enter other States or Territories where an approval is needed
Cost: $280.00 + GST*

Incorporating onshore business operations
If you want to incorporate your onshore business activities into these one of these plans add $50.00 to the plan price you require.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused but due to the ever changing environment we all need to keep up to speed the changes to ensure we all stay compliant and safe!

For more information on our COVID-19 Management Plans please contact our office by…

Phone: 07 3269 3236 or Email:

Shorlink’s Recommendation
If your operations involve carrying passengers then our number one recommendation is to review your SMS now to see if it needs upgrading to meet the new requirements.

As always our recommendation is be pro-active and keep in front of your requirements at all times.

Our only tip is to pass this information on to other operators who carry passengers to help them maintain compliance.

Need more information or advice then contact our office today!

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