Happy New Year! A quick look at maritime housekeeping!

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Welcome to 2023, a year filled with great potential following on from the pandemic!


Start the New Year on the right foot.

Housekeeping is required!


To help, we’ve included a few items to ensure you stay on top of things that often get overlooked.


1. Safety Management Systems (SMS)

To ensure you remain complaint your SMS needs to be up to date with the latest MO504 requirements including being reviewed every year.

As the maritime industry becomes more busy, AMSA can and will increase inspections.  Don’t be one of the many who are complacent about ensuring it is up-to-date AND reviewed every year.

2. Training

Is a vital part of not only being compliant but protecting both your crew and vessels.

Just thinking about it is not enough, you must undertake regular training (drills) to ensure your crew can deal with onboard emergencies safely and efficiently.

Properly recording all drills is a vital part of demonstrating compliance.

In 2022, Shorlink saw over 200% increase in our training course bookings.  We have ensured all of our training sessions meet every clients needs and budget.  Also, we believe we are only of the very few, that understand ‘onboard the actual vessel’ training is vital.

Our training courses can be Found Here!

3. Log Books

Are a vital part in the compliance chain to ensure all required information is recorded properly.

If you haven’t heard yet, (where have you been?) Shorlink provides a range of log books that our clients absolutely love in their business’.  That’s because our Log Books were designed and used by maritime members.

Combined with this, Wayne’s vast knowledge means our log books ONLY include what is needed and required.  You won’t find any useless pages in our books.

We can even customise a log book to suit your specific requirements.

To view our range of log books Click Here (with free postage)

4. Master (Skippers)

So, last year, we created a quick check list designed primarily for recreational boaters but is also a handy guide for commercial operators that we sent out to our database!

What incredible feedback we received! The checklist just ensures that all the boxes are ticked, literally, and provides peace of mind for your time on the water.

Want a free copy? Just drop us a quick email at sms@shorlink.com


At Shorlink, we wish you all the very best for the upcoming year and remember…

…we’re here for your safety so don’t hesitate to contact our office by:

p: 07 4242 1412    e: sms@shorlink.com    w: www.shorlink.com

Shorlink Recommendations

Number one recommendation for 2023 is to ensure you are compliant with all regulatory requirements and at all times stay compliant!

Note that both AMSA and WHS have become and will continue to be more active in vessel/workplace inspections and particularly incident investigations.


Top tip is if you are unsure about any of the items in this newsletter, please don’t panic – just contact our office!