Hello all,

I know you’re probably getting tired of all the doom and gloom surrounding the Corona Virus and its impact on the global economy…

…but things are very, very serious as only a few short months ago, most of us thought this was just another case of “media madness”.

Since then however…
Italy has closed all shops (including gyms!) with the exception of food stores and pharmacies.

Germany’s leader Angela Merkel expects 70% of the country to get infected.

The city of Boston just cancelled the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Tom Hanks and his wife confirmed they have the virus.
And the news will only get worse before it gets better.

We’ll all have to make some changes and…many will be forced upon us. While you and I may be healthy we can’t say the same for all of those who we love or work for us.

Nobody knows how bad it’ll get but it will have consequences for everyone. The more you prepare and avoid the disease, the better off everyone will be.

We’re having to take action with our inductions and training sessions to ensure the safety of our staff and all workers and participants.

If we’re scheduled to deliver inductions and/or training we’ll be sending out a questionnaire for all participants to fill in.

Please note that if any participant fails to complete the questionnaire and return it to us prior to the date of inductions and/or training they will not be permitted to take part.

At this stage no induction and/or training sessions have been cancelled. In the event cancelations are required we’ll advise accordingly and look at how we can best deliver your requirements which may be by video link or other communication medium.

Shorlink’s Recommendation
We highly recommend you:

  • Keep your workers updated at all times
  • Stress the need for personal hygiene by washing hands with anti-bacterial soap or sanitiser
  • Stop handshaking
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Limit food sharing
  • Assess the risks of business travel
  • Disinfect surfaces like doorknobs, tables, desks and handrails regularly
  • Ensure any person who has come in contact with a person or persons complete the 14-day quarantine period
  • Ensure any worker with the symptoms get tested immediately
  • We want to call out to you and ask for your continued support through these uncertain times, especially as we try to deliver more of our services.


  • Here’s a short list of what we’re doing to minimise the potential of contracting the virus…
  • We’re ensuring our staff are well informed with clear and correct information about COVID-19
  • We’re thinking forward in terms of our operations
  • Limiting our time in public spaces
  • Limiting contact with public surfaces (toilets, door handles, elevator switches, etc.)
  • Avoiding touching our faces
  • Keeping disinfectant sanitiser handy
  • Regularly washing hands for 60 seconds with antibacterial soap or sanitiser
  • Doing our laundry more frequently

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