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Get onboard with the benefits!

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Today there are many digital platforms on the market all with varying features, benefits and of course price points. There are also many people out there writing SMS manuals!

We’ve reviewed many of them and have to say that Sea-Flux comes at the top of our list based on the features and benefits it delivers. While not the cheapest on the market, it’s a long way from the most expensive and in this case, you certainly get way you pay for!

On the SMS front, we’ve audited/reviewed a large number of SMS’s over the years and there has not been many that we consider complying with MO504, the NSCV and WHS requirements. Non-compliant SMS’s leave you exposed to legal action in the event of an incident or being tied up if AMSA undertake an inspection of your vessel. Is it worth the risk?

Given the benefits of Sea-Flux – the cost is affordable and delivers everything commercial operators require and is an excellent package for many recreational boat owners!

Sea-Flux provides a comprehensive maintenance section that allows you to track all your maintenance, spare parts and much more. The Job List allows easy tracking to ensure everything is completed and recorded.

From the Safety Management System side, it is the only platform we know of that allows the uploading of our highly recognised Safety Management Systems exactly as we develop them. This is critical for Shorlink to be able to support and defend them in the event of an incident.

That in itself is a major part of why we have partnered with Sea-Flux!

Let’s look at some of the benefits you get by using Shorlink in conjunction with Sea-Flux:

  • Have your SMS developed by Shorlink that complies with MO 504, the NSCV and WHS Shorlink;
  • Manage your vessel or vessels effortlessly by digitalising your SMS using Sea-Flux;
  • Have Shorlink upload your SMS exactly as we develop them means we can defend them the same as we do for all manuals we develop;
  • Improving visibility, traceability and accountability by using Sea Flux;
  • Streamlining multiple systems into one comprehensive package;
  • For fleet owners simplifying compliance across the entire fleet;
  • Safety equipment checks provide alerts when due;
  • Recording crew drills and training;
  • Sea-Flux is accessible both online and offline which means you can access it anytime, anywhere;
  • It’s ideal for single vessel operators through to fleet owners;
  • Have Shorlink undertake your Annual Reviews to ensure you remain compliant; and
  • Come onboard with one of Shorlink’s Managed Service Plans where you also have access to our maritime consultancy services.

So…get onboard with Shorlink and Sea-Flux NOW
to save you time, money and worry!

Shorlink’s Recommendation

We highly recommend using Sea-Flux if you’re looking to digitalise your SMS due to the benefits it offers for the cost. By using it in conjunction with Shorlink’s SMS development you are ahead in terms of accessibility and compliance.


By using Sea-Flux in combination with Shorlink’s Managed Services, you not only get a digitalised management platform, but you are also 100% guaranteed to hold a compliant SMS and access to Shorlink’s professional maritime consultancy.

For more information on Sea Flux, getting a SMS developed or a FREE SMS Assessment contact our office today!

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