End of 2023! The year in focus…

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Well, here we are again at the end of another year and what a year it’s been! 

Here’s a Shorlink Snapshot!

COVID… what covid? It seems like a lifetime ago for some, and others are still feeling the pain both commercially and personally.  While some have closed their business doors, we have also many vessel owners complete outstanding maintenance, refits and improvements to their vessels and business’ during these times. 

As you know, Shorlink’s priority is maritime safety and with AMSA reissuing Marine Order 504 in early August, we saw a huge influx of SMS Assessment being requested to ensure compliancy.  So far, every SMS has required updating, which whilst a good thing for safety, it is a bit worrying that so many were out there uncompliant!  Our clients have been inspected without 100% SMS compliancy rate, so we are very pleased to be partnering with ensuring safety and training with our valued clients.

With Lindsay (and Wayne) at the helm, our Training Services have also seen an increase in demand.  Both commercial business’ are ensuring their staff are educated to cover themselves and their business and provide peace of mind. 

Our recreational vessel owners have also been utilising our services to learn how to safely handle their vessels and the Emergency Training has been invaluable to owners and their family/friends who have never dealt with such a situation or handles distress flares etc. 

As the Managing Director I have been focused on expanding the company to cover not only commercial operators but also the recreational sector, with Shorlink launching Prestige Boat Management Services.

With Tracey working on the marketing, we have held a soft launch and will definitely be looking to expand our business reach in 2024.  With that in mind, we have welcomed Courtenay Leighton into the Shorlink family who will be overseeing the Prestige operations.  She is extremely knowledgeable in the maritime industry and is focussed and driven in ensuring this new facet of our business is a success.

With no travel restrictions, I’ve travelled near and far to complete SMS handovers, action our management requirements, met new clients, networked with marina’s and along with Lindsay deliver onboard training. It’s been an exciting year to date, whilst exhausting, I’m looking forward to what 2024 will bring.

On that note, what will 2024 bring!  Like Shorlink, we hope our commercial clients are researching and investing in their business’ and crew.  Safety, education and compliancy should always be paramount.  If you aren’t sure where to begin, or how to implement, give us a call.  We would like to assist you with growing your business. 

To our recreational clients, we have absolutely loved looking after you this year, and we hope that 2024 brings more time on the water.  Talking of time, if you are time poor, then please give us a call as we can assist via our Prestige Boat Management Service.  We can provide a service that include cleaning, maintenance and management to meet your budget and needs.  Call us today for further information.

With that all being said, for the first time in a long time we shall start 2024 nothing but positive! 

After all, why not?

Shorlink’s Recommendation

My recommendation is to put the past years to bed now, look forward to 2024 and get going! Take a close look at your business, operations and lifestyle to see where and how you can better adapt to establish a healthy, balance life.


My top tip is to ensure your safety management systems comply with the relevant standards and are up to date to ensure you’re protected as both AMSA and WorkSafe are going to be very active in the new year.

For our Recreational Owners, please every person that is behind the wheel knows exactly how to handle the vessel and as importantly, they know what to do in an Emergency situation.

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