2024 Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

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We came, We Talked, We Educated!

The 2024 Sanctuary Cove Boat Show is now finished and what an incredible success it was…. not only for our business, but it was the biggest crowds on record, the vessels were the highest ever seen at the show and the best Australian weather!

This was all a recipe for Shorlink to shine with our fellow mariners, both commercially and recreationally.

Courtenay, from our Prestige Management Services led the way with securing several big clients for our Yacht Management Services and made some incredible industry connections. Including Marina’s, private boat owners, and even a couple of ‘boat share’ business’.

Tracey was holding the professional torch for our safety and training education with Shorlink, which she is so passionate about. Also, it was interesting to note, that not only was the commercial business’ and bodies interested, but there were also several private vessel owners that have signed on for training for their vessels. Tracey noted that several commercial boat/business owners were not aware of the AMSA changes in August, and therefore they had no idea they were no longer compliant! THAT IS SCARY!

Wayne and Charmayne both made incredible impact with the education and enhanced partnership with several big companies. Both within the education sector, but also marina’s and various membership bodies all want either Wayne to come and be a speaker at their next event, or conduct several demonstrations, especially when it comes to water safety, fire and flare use.

With that being said, we know most of our clients couldn’t make the show. So, if you are interested in hearing or seeing about Shorlink, or even we may have made some connections you may need within the industry – either commercial or recreational – please do get in touch.

Shorlink’s Recommendation

We would recommend if you can, plan a visit the 2025 Sanctuary Boat Cove next year, the dates are 22 – 25 May 2025. You can see and experience the latest and greatest in the marine industry. Also, you may make a few connections or three that will enhance your business or ownership of your vessel.


It’s coming up to end of financial year very shortly, only a few more short weeks. If you have a commercial vessel, you ensure all is in order and if not, contact our office to see how we can assist with our marine consultancy.

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