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What happened to the Master: Do you know?

While it’s not a question that most people have considered or even thought about it’s one that vessel owners and operators should. It’s not just vessel Master’s it should be considered for business managers as well. But staying with the Master scenario what would your crew do if something happened to the Master? Here’s a […]

Hot Works. Are you undertaking them correctly.

Hot work is any work that has the potential to ignite nearby combustible, flammable or explosive material. Common hot work tasks include: Grinding Welding Thermal or oxygen cutting Other related heat-producing or spark producing operations Hot work potential hazards: Fire: caused by heat, molten metal, sparks or direct contact with cutting or welding flames. Explosions: […]


Situational Awareness: Do you have it?

It’s likely you’ve heard the term situational awareness but…do you know what it means? Situational awareness can be defined simply as “knowing what is going on around us” or more technically as “the perception of the elements in the environment within a volume of time and space, the comprehension of their meaning and the projection […]


Burns: Do you know how to treat them?

Fires on board any vessel can be the most dangerous types of incidents. A fire can trap those on board in cabins and confined spaces. Evacuating a burning vessel can leave crew stranded in the middle of the ocean. Fires on vessels can and too often are deadly. But for those who survive a fire […]

Hypothermia: Do you know the signs?

All too often we hear “we live in the tropics, so hypothermia is not an issue for us!” The simple fact is that it still is a problem and it’s even worse because many people continue to believe that in tropical or even warm climates hypothermia is not a problem if you’re in the water. […]


Bunkering or Refuelling.: Do you know the dangers?

Bunkering (refuelling) operations present a high-risk factor especially when refuelling petrol powered vessels. An explosion after refuelling an outboard powered charter vessel resulted in the Master suffering serious burns.   While petrol is highlighted diesel does not have the same flash point, but it is still a flammable liquid with the potential to cause serious […]


In-water survival. Could you survive being lost at sea?

This issue is dedicated to surviving in-water without a life raft. While all commercially certified crew members have been through the Shipboard Safety Skillset, previously Elements of Shipboard Safety (ESS) course recreational operators have not.   Having to survive in the water after your vessels sinks or through a person overboard situation can be a […]

Inflatable Life Rafts – Are they installed correctly?

Are you required or do you have an inflatable life raft onboard and is it installed correctly?   Unfortunately, what we often see when doing onboard training or vessel safety audits is some of the following: The wrong cradle is used for the make and/or model raft Tied down to the vessel so as they […]


Recreational snorkelling – Do you know the rules?

If you operate any charter vessel that includes recreational snorkelling as part of the activities you must ensure you have an appropriate procedure in place. Failure to have a recreational snorkelling procedure in place leaves you wide open to serious litigation in the event of an incident, While recreational snorkelling is a fun and a […]


Plastics in our Oceans. What are the impacts on the industry?

The issue and impact of plastics in our oceans, people, plants, animals and entire ecosystems was front and centre at the recent United Nations Ocean Conference in Portugal. Through the UN Environment Assembly, more than 500 organisations and 21 additional governments, including Australia, have signed up to commitments to change how plastic is produced, used […]