Are your clothes and washing machine suffering from our industry?

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The Shorlink Group has expanded and launched Puro Systems Australia!

Puro Systems Australia was established to undertake research and development in odour control technologies.  Our Directors, Wayne and Charmayne have been instrumental in providing solutions to air quality (odour and bacteria control) within Australia and South East Asia for over 20 years.
  • Developed, manufacture and market odour and bacteria control products to both the domestic and commercial markets.
  • 100% family owned Australian company
  • All products are manufactured in Australia
  • Dedicated to ongoing research into odour and bacteria control
  • All Seabreeze range of products have been tested by a NATA accredited lab
  • Developed a range of products based on essential oils for use in domestic and commercial applications
  • Products have a wide range of applications

We’ve launched our first product today, with the Marine Industry in mind!

Seabreeze 30ml Puro Rinse

Seabreeze Puro Rinse is a highly effective odour and bacteria control product formulated to eliminate odours and bacteria from washing machines.

It provides safe, positive relief from unpleasant odour from washing machines by effectively eliminating the bacteria and fungi in the pump, plumbing, and washing using natural-based products.

It’s been proven highly effective in both the domestic and commercial sectors including hospitality and accommodation industries, health areas, and transport industries.

Puro Rinse based on 3 drops per wash will provide you with up to 400 washes.

This equates to around $0.06 per wash.

Review from a fellow mariner:

Loving the new Seabreeze Puro Rinse product, for years I have been using a fabric softener in my washing but this product not only makes my clothes smell fresh and fragrant but also eliminates odours and removes bacteria from my washing machine to make it hygienically clean. Made from essential oils and being non toxic  means that it’s environmentally friendly, I highly recommend using this great new alternative product.

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